About Us

Since the implementation of the CFO act in1990, federal agency Chief Financial Officers have been under increased pressure to meet their financial reporting requirements. Accelerated financial reporting timelines, changes in accounting policy and increased scrutiny from congress and tax payers are a few of the external forces that CFOs have to address on a day-to-day basis. Leveraging from our extensive experiences and technical capabilities, FedQuest Solutions Inc. professionals provide a variety of financial accounting and reporting services that can assist federal agencies with meeting their financial reporting requirements.


Our services help federal agencies to apply and implement new or existing accounting standards or reporting requirements, convert financial information from one set of accounting standards to another, assist with the compilation and preparation of financial statements, footnotes and related financial schedules. We develop tools to automate manual accounting processes and reconcile federal accounting transactions. In additions to the services mentioned above, we also provide:


  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements, footnotes and supporting schedules
  • Quarter-end and year-end closing package compilation
  • Managerial and activity based cost support
  • GTAS Advisory Services
  • Tie point analysis
  • Developing and reviewing posting models and U.S. Standard General Ledger reviews
  • Addressing auditor requests
  • Accounting operations support
  • Account balance reconciliations
  • Fund balance with Treasury reconciliations
  • Validating undelivered orders
  • Property support services
  • Accrual Support



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