About Us

Increasingly, federal agency leaders are realizing the need to assess business, operational and financial risk that threatens their strategic objectives. Federal agency leaders also understand that implementing sound governance practices and entity wide management internal control programs help manage risk and facilitate compliance with changing regulations.


FedQuest Solutions Inc. employs technical and experienced professionals that can execute entity wide risk assessments to assist federal agencies with implementing OMB Circular A-123 by evaluating the design and effectiveness of internal controls. Our professionals are experienced with implementing risk mitigation strategies and assisting management with strengthening their internal controls through the execution of corrective action plans. To this end, FedQuest Solutions Inc. also provides the following services:


  • Process documenting and mapping
  • Assisting in the establishment of proper governance structures (e.g. Senior Assessment Teams)
  • Perform entity wide risk assessments
  • Assessing the design and effectiveness of internal controls
  • Technical, financial and operational internal controls reviews
  • Risk and internal control assessments
  • Assisting in the development of the annual assurance statements
  • Implementing risk mitigation strategies


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